maandag 18 mei 2015

brainstormen: de brandweer


Opzegversje bij het thema brandweer  During Fire Safety Week I transform my Housekeeping Area into a fire scene and have the children be the firefighters.  I used red, orange, yellow & black tissue paper (attached with tape) and stuck to various objects on the area. I also hung from the ceiling (using crepe paper and tape). The fire hoses are made from pool noodles wrapped in duck tape with blue tissue paper coming out the end (you can see the 2 on the table). Add fire hats (firehouse subs) & fire vests (dollar tree). :) Using a corner roleplay frame, create a fire engine. Thanks to our fantastic Teaching Assistant our role play is ready for a fire station theme!Boekenhoek: de brandweerman goed informatief boek!Putting out fires with our DIY fire extinguishers! A great dramatic play addition to a classroom!   Part of the Fire Dept. dramatic play area Fireman birthday party-- this is adorable!! Sensory fun with fire safety theme: we made little flames out of fun foam and wrote numbers on them. Add a little water to your sensory table so they float and give the children a spray bottle with water in it. The children can squirt the " flame" the number of times the number says, or squirt them in numerical order. Brandweerman outfit.este disfraz de bombero se puede hacer fácil con una bolsa azul y cinta amarilla. chalk to draw a house on fire. Have toddler put the fire out by squeezing a soaked sponge over the flames. Community Helpers:Fire Station in the Dramatic Play Center Fun idea for fire fighting in dramatic play.  View early education resources at  ~Shari at TFC Boekenhoek: daar is de brandweer Fire prevention weekMake a firetruck with a cardboard box! Even has a moveable steering wheel! Boy Mama Teacher Mama | Cardboard Box Use #2,490 (Creating a Burning Building)Thema 112 Radios made from juice boxesFire Station Office Themahoek: brandweer brand blussen en de kat redden

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